Specializing in complex prosthetic care with over 30 years experience with pediatric and geriatric patients committing our selves to providing our patients with support and a caring environment.

Mission of Orthopedic Specialties is to Provide excellent quality care.
Specific areas include;
Lower & upper extremity prosthetics
Preparatory and Definitive
Post Op Management
Follow up adjustments
Friendly bilingual staff
certified prosthetists, BOC and ABC certified
Hospital, Nursing and home consultation and evaluations.

  • Shrinkers (Above and Below Knee)
  • Energy Storing Feet
  • Partial Foot Inserts
  • Microprocessor Prostheses
  • Myoelectrics
  • Hip Disartics
  • Hemipelvectomy
  • Endoskeletal (Above and Below Knee)
  • Preparatory Prostheses
  • Immediate Post-Surgical Fits
  • Compression Hosiery
  • Shoulder Disartics
  • Elbow Disartics
  • Above and Below Elbow
  • Ultralight Prostheses
  • Rheo Knee
  • Proprio Foot
  • C-Leg